R. W. Lawton Gallery

By the Capitol Bar behind the Box Office at the Imperial Theatre
168 Christina Street North 
programmed by The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts

Backstage Pass Exhibition by Emily Nutson
Emily Nutson is a graduate of the innovative Photography Program at the Lambton College of Applied Arts and Sciences.  She is a freelance photographer and also works as the lab technician at the Lambton College photography studio. Her endless affection for music and the music industry undeniably influences her photography and style. Backstage pass, a photography exhibit featuring various works by Emily, was created during her time in Lambton’s Photography program and henceforth. The exhibit features a wide range of live performance photographs and select images of an ongoing series that explores the locations of famous album covers.
You can view more of her work at emilynutson.com or on Instagram @emilynutson

Emily’s prints can be purchased online below, or in person at The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts.
They wll be ready for pick-up at the Lawrence House 5 days after purchase.