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The Annual Floyd Gibson Exhibition

The annual Floyd Gibson Exhibition is now open to view in person or online .

Thank you all who contributed work to this Annual Exhibition.The winners were announced Sunday January 9,2022

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The First place winner for this year’s Floyd Gibson Exhibition is “Primary Consciousness” by Lynne Kenneith Brogden. Kenneth often does portraits of water and sky, depicting the atmosphere and unity of the cycle of water

The second place winner was entitled “Silent Goodbyes to Bayside” by Julia Potts. This was the artist’s original photograph digitally enhanced with a whimsical signature template


The Third place winner was “Autumn Formation” by George Van Humbeck. Depicting the northern lake country of Ontario, this acrylic painting glows in the autumn colors of a mixed forest region.

Uproar Blog

The Lawrence House Blog “Uproar” Is pleased to present seven selected pieces reflecting a range of departures, from dreamt to remembered to acutely felt: relationships, life cycles, memory itself. Click on the link to go directly to the poems.

Josie Di Sciatico-Andrews,Leaving

Joseph a farina, “Departures in the Rain”Theme Issue #10

Diego Martinez-Campos, “In Memory of My Memory”In Memory of My Memory

Bruce Meyer,”My Father’s City”My Father’s City

David D. Plain, “Departure Imminent”Departure Imminent

Lynn Tait, “Anthropic Principles”Anthropic Principles

Zev Torres,”Ordinarily”Ordinarily

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