Brenda Ross -Finding Joy

Creative endeavors have occupied most of this Sarnians life. Brenda’s medium of choice for the last 7 years has been acrylic paint and paper collage. What are most exciting to her are colour, shape, texture and line. Utilizing an intuitive nonobjective “abstract” approach allows her the freedom to use all of these. It also gives the viewer the opportunity to bring their own interpretation to the work. It is Brenda’s hope that while viewing her work you will sense her purpose – FINDING JOY.

Photo by Leonard Segall

“Reckonings and Reconciliation” is a themed Members’ Exhibition for the Month of October. This show is in collaboration with Uproar the Lawrence House’s Literary Blog.  The theme has been interpreted in a variety of ways by the Artists.  Dealing with issues such as climate change, every life matters , growing older , loss and much more this is an interesting and thought provoking exhibition  continuing through the month of October.

Uproar invites writers of all genres to submit their works written in consideration of our monthly theme. Once per month the moderators will select the best submissions and publish them here.

Uproar welcomes submissions of poetry, prose, spoken word, video and mixed media on the theme “Reckonings and Reconciliation.” For reckonings, think about Every Child Matters, climate and environmental issues, debts owed, what goes around See more . . . 


Uproar is pleased to present six very different responses to our theme of “Plots and Schemes”—which admittedly was not the easiest theme to work with. We thank everyone who took the time to submit a piece and hope you’ll consider submitting to our next theme. Watch for See more . . .

The Annual Floyd Gibson Members’ Show runs from August 6th to August 28th 2021.

The Exhibition is named in memory of the late Floyd Gibson, who was a respected Sarnia educator, water colour artist and dedicated volunteer at the Lawrence House until his death in 2008.

The Mayor’s Awards, donated by the City of Sarnia, of See More . . .

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