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What is This?

Whether you are a poet or fiction writer or essayist or non-fiction or memoir writer or editor or publisher or bookstore owner – in other words, if words are your passion – Uproar is your place:

  • To share your work amongst a supportive and engaging community;
  • To raise your voice and comment on topics suggested by the editors or other participants;
  • To ask questions about or offer solutions to stumbling blocks encountered in the writing process;
  • To reflect on the big picture of writing—or on the nitty gritty;
  • To talk about the business of writing and publishing;
  • To announce pending readings or publication of your work;
  • To network with other members of the writing community;
  • To make an uproar—or, if you prefer, just quietly have your say.

Uproar Reset: A New Beginning as of December 2020

Uproar is the brainchild of the Literary Arts Committee of The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts. Currently the committee comprises Lois Nantais, Ann Towell, Rhonda Melanson and Kathy Shailer, who are serving, at least initially, as the editors/curators of the blog and its activities. However, we invite the entire writing community of Sarnia/Lambton (and beyond) to weigh in and become involved.

In the four months since we first launched Uproar, we have learned a few things and as a result are instituting the following changes:

  • Although we will continue to suggest a broad monthly theme, we are most interested in good writing—whether or not it adheres to the theme. We will therefore publish once a month a selection of three to four of the best submissions.
  • To date, we have received almost exclusively poetry. But we do not want Uproar to be just a poetry blog. We’d like to encourage more prose work and are increasing the word limit from 800 to 2000. We will also publish stand-alone excerpts from longer pieces. Essays are also welcome.
  • We have created a separate category for Young Authors aged 9-16. This special section will feature the best submissions from this age group, with themes and criteria that parallel the regular submissions. We hope to involve schools in encouraging their students to work on submissions.
  • In the interest of involving a larger range of writers from Sarnia/Lambton and indeed from across Canada, we will limit the number of times we publish work from the same writer (maximum three pieces in a 12-month period).
  • We would like to make greater use of the Writers’ Forum on the blog. This is where we hope to see more discussion on the craft of writing and potentially provide writers the tools they may need to write more effectively. This may include motivation, structural techniques, the business of writing, publishing, and more. We are also planning some interviews with writers (perhaps on Zoom with a link and follow-up discussion in the Writers’ Forum).

Uproar also allows users to submit comments to blog posts. We ask that when commenting on an author’s post you provide thoughtful and meaningful feedback.  Comments on the Writers’ Forum contribute to the discussion at hand.

Submission Specifics

  • We welcome original submissions in any genre: poetry, short or long prose, fiction or non-fiction, with the following limitations:
  • Poems – up to 50 lines
  • Prose – up to 2000 words
  • Writers’ Forum – up to 300 words
  • All posts, both submissions or comments, will only appear once approved by the moderators.
    • Comments posted must be respectful: no slanderous comments; no axes to grind. This does not mean you shouldn’t be impassioned or political or otherwise outspoken. It means simply that we want contributions that further discussion, not shut it down or otherwise hijack it.
    • Excessive use of swear words is boring. Please don’t be boring.
  • Uproar does accept works that have been previously published, as well as simultaneous submissions. Please notify us on the form if your work has been submitted elsewhere for publication.  Please include the source of publication and confirm that the copyright has remained with the author.
  • The copyright of Uproar as a collection of works belongs to The copyright of individual posts remains with the author.
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