August Members’ Exhibition “Breaking Free”

August Members’ Exhibition is open to all members of the Lawrence House who have purchased a Silver or Bronze Membership. If you have a Friends Membership and have already participated in one exhibition you may up grade your membership at anytime online or in person. There will also be a Members’ Exhibition in November and December.

All 2D work must be properly framed and wired across the entire back of the piece. We recommend coated wire with sufficient strength to support the work. Single strand wire on heavy pieces, plastic fishing line and string are not acceptable. Saw tooth and snap hooks will not work with our hanging system. Please no card board or duct tape on the back of paintings. Use only acid free materials and proper hardware to attach your work.

If you would like to become a member, Memberships can be obtained at the LHCA at 127 Christina Street S, Sarnia Ontario, or can be ordered online at Become A Member.  Any piece submitted to be displayed must follow the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts’ Gallery standards and be for sale.  For this Exhibition, the pieces should not have been displayed at The Lawrence House before and  the work must be original, created within the past 2 years. The maximum size of 2D work is 36″x48″. You may submit up to 2 pieces of 2D work and 4 pieces of 3D work.

We look forward to having your peices hanging in our galleries!

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