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Conceive of a Circle

In the palm of my hand, I hold seeds:
vervain, hyssop, bergamot, vetiver,
elegant signatures in ink, as yet
invisible. I take every care
as they grow, every
gentleness, moving them
to slowly larger pots.
From the beginning,
each are distinct, each particular
in its gesture, pattern, order, color; each
scent, its own elusive landscape; each
use, a treasure-trove of lore—
I think about what it means
and conceive of a circle.

I hold your sleeping hand as it rests
under the pillow—you do not stir, nor wake.
In the morning, I run my fingers
along the contour of your frame; at breakfast
I listen to the hum and the timbre
that make the weave of your knowledge,
your questions, your thoughts; I am watchful
over your intricate composition,
your carriage, your pauses specific
as we walk—I think about what it means
and conceive of a circle.


3 thoughts on “Conceive of a Circle”

    1. Tanya Standish McIntyre

      Thank you, Patti 🙂
      It is so nice to hear that you appreciated it.
      Reading it over again, it seems like a call for presence……to slow down enough to really see.
      Very best to you,

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