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Elegy To My Breastmilk

Elegy To My Breastmilk

Your milk will come once You birth Your baby.
Prepare accordingly.

Your baby needs to be cut from your womb –

Your nipples are large.
Your baby is small.

Your milk will come if you pump enough.

Come breastmilk, come
Make me Mother.

My first Mother’s Milk –
Golden Milk –

My baby drinks from my breast.
I am Mother.

My baby stops drinking from my breast.

Breathe Baby,
Drink, Baby.

Power pumping lasts three hours.
I sleep when Baby sleeps
Unless Baby is eating,
unless I am eating,
unless I am pumping

Pneumonia appears in Covid times.
CT Scans make my breastmilk Radioactive.

Mummy must not poison Baby.

Sleep when Baby sleeps,
While Baby cries,
While all around you sweet women become sweet smelling corpses.

I cannot smell my own breastmilk.

Feed Baby,
Why aren’t you sleeping, Mother?
Why aren’t you climbing stairs, Mother?
Is it pneumonia or are you a Bad Mother?

Bad Mother.

When I am separated from my child I scream and cry.
I am held down.
I am dragged.
I am lifted.
I am injected.

God is not available on a Friday night in a psychiatric ward – please call during office hours.

The injection killed my milk.
My Mother’s Milk.

I am Mother.
My Baby Lives.

I am mother.

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