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Pandemic Play

Pandemic Play

Opening night, the Great Canadian Theatre
Audience waits, anticipation
The curtain lifts on
Stage Two

First scene announces arrival
Enter villain
Second scene heroes bloom on stage
Remarkable, the critics say.
See the colours?
The masks are brilliant, another says, seamless

Restricting, carbon monoxide poisoning
Complicit nods
A hoax? A conspiracy?
The peanut gallery, active tonight

Hush. Angry backward glance
Put on your mask! Why?
It’s interactive, dolt.
We all participate.

Excuse me, excuse me
Patrons leave forcing backs in seats
Craning necks to see
Do you mind?

Ingenious, shawled woman speaks
As curtain falls
Then, thunderous applause
Intense… sad
Heart wrenching. Lonely.
It’s been running over five months
Reviewers have mixed feelings

What happens on stage Three?
Not yet. Be patient.
Another night… Another performance.

Ann Towell

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