Welcome to Uproar

The Lawrence House is pleased to announce the launch of their Literary Blog Uproar. 

Uproar invites writers of all genres to submit their work written in consideration of our monthly theme.  Once per month the moderators will select three to four of the best submissions and publish them here.  See “About Us” for submission criteria. Writers aged 9-16 should submit to the Young Writers category here.

Uproar is run by The Lawrence House’s Literary Committee comprised of Lois Nantais, Ann Towell, Rhonda Melanson, and Kathy Shailer.

Please see below for our monthly theme.

A New Year to Look Forward To

Uproar is now accepting submissions for their December 2020 theme: A New Year to Look Forward To. Deadline for submissions is December 18th. All submissions will be reviewed at once, with publication the last week in December. Look for an announcement of new guidelines in the New Year. You may submit your writing here: https://lawrencehouse.ca/uproar/theme/

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Uproar”

    1. Thank you for your question. Generally we prefer to limit submissions to quality material that fits within the monthly theme. Although we’ve selected fairly broad themes to date, we also recognize that the occasional open theme might well be welcome. We are therefore making November one such month, with the theme of “Open Season.”
      Over the past two months, Uproar has attracted submissions from a range of writers and poets, including established, published writers; emerging poets seeking their first audiences; and very young poets. This is good, but requires a bit more curating on our part. While we can suggest minor edits, we cannot offer extensive editing services. Perhaps once COVID passes, we can organize an editing event at the Lawrence House. In the meantime, look for some online guidance in essays coming soon to our Writers’ Forum.
      Effective immediately, we are adding a separate category for submissions from Young Writers age 16 and under.

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