Ceremony and Sacrifice Theme Selections

Short story: Dru Richman, “The Rite.” https://lawrencehouse.ca/the-rite/  

Poetry: Terry Cox-Joseph, “Behind the Stone,” https://lawrencehouse.ca/behind-the-stone/

Renee Sgroi, “On the anniversary of your passing,” https://lawrencehouse.ca/on-the-anniversary-of-your-passing/

Jenna Scott, “transition.” https://lawrencehouse.ca/transition/

Joseph Farina, “ritual of fire.” https://lawrencehouse.ca/ritual-of-fire/

Dr. Ronja Vieth, “Mother of Pearl.” https://lawrencehouse.ca/mother-of-pearl/

Perry Wyatt,“The Path.” https://lawrencehouse.ca/the-path/

Sherre Vernon, “Late Spring Rites of the Middle-Aged Apostate.” https://lawrencehouse.ca/late-spring-rites-of-the-middle-aged-apostate/

Richard Oyama, “Inscape.” https://lawrencehouse.ca/inscape/

Thank you to all who entered. We appreciated reading each of the entries and had many wonderful pieces to enjoy; this made decisions difficult.

The Uproar editorial committee thanks everyone who continues to submit and enjoy our publication.

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