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the moments in between time
as i become two
my midwife tells me
this is transition

words don’t happen in the moments of birthing
moments don’t happen

time is but a marker on my midwife’s watch
60 seconds
10 centimetres
heart rate. contraction. push.

time doesn’t happen in birthing.
birthing happens outside
outside and inside my body at once
as i become two.

all of the markers set out before me
measuring me
measuring him
setting us through the footsteps of the ritual laid before us
to follow

my body doesn’t follow the rules of the books i’ve read
how this is supposed to go.
my body knows more than the markers
this ceremony is innate
this ceremony is primal
my body doesn’t need the permission to do what it’s meant to
the sacrifice comes naturally.

i split open
for you
the birthing becomes birth
the birth becomes baby
i was once one
now i’m two
forever split
my heart laid upon my chest


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