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True Gravity

Somewhere along the way we lost it
That connection to our roots
To a time when civilization and mother were in cahoots
When plants were friends that healed us
Our brothers and sisters thrived
When Gaia made certain
The circle would stay alive
Somehow we forgot this
Death and famine plague our earth
This disease all started
As we lost connection right from birth
Mothers said to children
Your friends are dangerous
Told to stay away
We no longer joined in play
They said our hands were dirty
Homes should be pristine
We came out of the forest
Told we were unclean
While no one paid attention
We advanced the human race
It became very important
If you could claim a place
No one was watching
Our brothers and sisters ran out of space
Still feeling something missing
We dug out all our mines
Never really sure
What was so important we find
Our friends started falling
We ripped them from the ground
We lit them with fire
We stopped and looked around
What was left felt so empty
So we put up concrete walls
Soon the sun was hotter
Turning ice into waterfalls
Now our earth is hurting
We’ve begun to see her pain
In the storms that are surging
The lands with lost rain
We wreaked all this havoc
That cost us family
Now it is time to acknowledge
The true gravity
Lets all come together
Try and fight this fight
Only us wrongdoers
Have means to make it right

1 thought on “True Gravity”

  1. That is a powerful poem from a lady who truly knows her power but also knows the weaknesses of this earth. Beautiful, Becky. You make your father proud for I know he was your first teacher of loving and respecting all living things on this planet. So Congratulations!

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