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Words to Pandora

Words to Pandora

Pandora, All-Gifted One,
woman of clay, created
to be the instrument of Zeus’ revenge,
fashioned from the gods’ misogyny,
robed by Athena for your mission on earth,
I celebrate your worthy curiosity.

Whether that closed container held
the ills of the world which you released
or good things that escaped,
you did the right thing, opening it.
The fault lay in the secret.
The arbitrary “Don’t touch.”

Hope locked among the evils of the world
in a container never to be opened?
Hope tempting us to look for betterment.
Hope, the enemy of resignation.
Should we be sheep in the sun, content?
Better fully human,
suffering the afflictions of mankind
but free to learn. To know.

Prometheus gave us fire.
You gave us hope.
Invaluable gifts.
We battle on.

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