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In a Mist

In A Mist

it is the day after
and I phone
wanting to say
a new song
has nudged into place
though my children
play off-key tunes
in the other half
of my house
I phone
with all my senses
by the gift of touch
that foggy cornet
a symphony
by Bix Beiderbecke
your hands
your mouth
surprises on my
waking skin
your face
your face in my hands
before we kiss
those notes
echo in my room
to lay down
blue jazz
on the day-long bed
I tell you of
plants I bought
to fill the windows
the energy
in their green life
like Stravinsky’s
Rites of Spring
informed by Beiderbecke
a Dixieland harmonic
and foggy cornet

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