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Dear Friends,

What to be made of situations like these,
With precedence most refused to see?
When righteous anger now takes place.
Where were you when wolves (viewed as sheep) were crying for wolves?
Why is it we get acknowledgement now – when their bodies are no longer even cold?
How to reconcile from this injustice of many?


You have a right to feel angry,
To feel disgusted and sick.
They were innocent hostages,
Forced to obliterate,
What should have been celebrated.
So send a silent prayer to their freed spirits,
And a loud fuck you to the known and unknown perpetrators.
May the innocent find peace,
And may the monsters be shown the true meaning of the word.


Understand bitterness resides in us,
It is not unfounded nor to be underestimated.
I am merely asking for patience,
As we were forced to constantly give the ignorant.
So if I should see you as a vessel for my pain,
Forgive me, it will not linger.
It is not you that holds my hate, but an ancestor of yours.
Recognise and accept your lineages’ past,
And just maybe we can finally begin to heal ours.

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