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A Thousand Worry Free Moments!

Tears of abandonment in the eyes of a faithful companion my past has been part of someone else’s future;
Ripening into a sailing stone inscribing long tracks without any physical intervention giving birth to geological phenomenonal types of rocks;
Being the kind of man that is never poor, aiming for the shade and prescribed hugging!
Sunday sermons are sounds of our vows loaded up with heavy words and phrases before witnesses making 620 pounds look light lifting dead friends and family to a speechless applause;
A lonely year as we set committed like Ladybird to our daughter who was born prematurely thrusting us into predestined matrimony, so today is the day that you get all the love attention you missed;
While our connection is Catumbo complicated striking lightning 140 to 160 nights a year, 10 hours per night, up to 280 times per hour; got me
loving the dry courseness of your plantar fascia as they rest firmly upon your favorite slides absorbing the uneasiness in situations that we walk into;
Hoping to become the oldest married couple, my life-long supporter walking the boulevards and alleyways of our marriage earning our popularity respecting friends and family holding on to the day we have our ‘shotgun wedding;’
We started off with a yellow sour base of interactions, rewards, and insights and concluded with the natural sweetness of pink lemonade.

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