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Canatara Beach

canatara beach

a mile of beach along lake Huron
ribboned in summer sunshine
holds more than shiny sand
among the silence of the dunes
are the captured sighs of broken hearts
the wild grasses sing silently the ecstasies
they have witnessed on their leaves
wet sands hold the souls of soles that stepped upon it
and the imprint of all castles it formed
with spade and buckets of summer children
dunes and sand and water remember
the details of both young and old who walked it
in swimwear both outrageous and demure
immortality in its waves, the forever dramas
on the sand never dying,the water’s wave kisses
sweet upon the evening’s wind

1 thought on “Canatara Beach”

  1. Love the way this melds such detailed and physical images with the sense of a loved soul who made her mark, like us all, and is still there though within not on the sand…

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