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Carmen Zielkowski Poetry Prize Winning Entries

We’re delighted to present the three winning poems plus two honourable mentions. Our three judges (Lois Nantais, Rhonda Melanson, and Ryan Gibbs) have provided brief comments about each. Click on the link to go directly to the poem.

1st Prize: Tanya Jane MacIntyre, Conceive of a Circle

(Lois: There is a sensory intimacy to this poem that reminds me of Carmen’s poetry: the partnering of nature to the human condition. Of life to life and finding a home in naming these experiences.)

2nd Prize: Renee M. Sgroi, in metamorphosis

(Rhonda: “in metamorphosis” clearly describes the transformative nature of spring, especially when seen through the eyes and thoughts of a poet.)

3rd Prize: Karen Kerekes, Tree of Life

(Ryan: “Tree of Life” is a captivating poem, conveying Carmen’s spirit through its harmonious nature imagery.)

Honourable Mention: Moni Brar, Morning Miracles

(Ryan: “Morning Miracles” sets a wonderful scene with its perceptive sensory details.)

Honourable Mention: Adrienne Stevenson, Re-wilding

(Rhonda: “Re-wilding” demonstrates the beauty of nature gone wild in vivid detail, reminding me of how Carmen cried when the city cut down the cherry blossom trees that she loved so much!)

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