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letting trees grow unchecked
runs counter to our quest for order
weeds in front lawns meet disapproval

and pink work-orders from city council

prodded by offended neighbours
the weed-and-feed crowd, who stroll
past our wilderness, noses pointed

skywards, unobservant
of the inhabitants of our park

easier to love our yard in summer
when all visible is a swath of leafiness

punctuated by banks of day-lilies
their orange mass transient but glorious

plants long considered noxious weeds
dandelion and milkweed thrive
harbour endangered Monarchs

encourage scarce pollinators
who cluster round our urban farm’s blooms
giving us produce in return for beauty
all may enjoy, if they bother to look

without bending to pull the invasive
flora that offend them so, unknowing

that it takes as little as a patch of wild
in our own yards, to re-connect

with life’s roots—to re-wild ourselves


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