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In the Grip of Dementia

In the Grip of Dementia teased by crumbs of recognition like the maple tree on third and main she wends her way to the Legion Hall only to discover the building has been pulled out by the roots, a yellow taped cavity warns “keep out” she sulks back through the salient houses each turn a

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Chasing Sunsets – A Haibun

We barely finish dinner of cauliflower and chickpea coconut curry, when you suggest we dash to the beach. The sky, like a southwestern painting of burnt orange and turquoise is obstructed by the stately maple tree in our back yard. Donning my fall jacket for the first time this year, I welcome the brisk, blustery

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Farm Workers’ Quarters

Farm Workers’ Quarters pre-dawn colours, crêpe sky. daybreak unfurls, edges out sleep. empty thermos, chai on the propane stove, jars of spices, crude shelves, a bucket of flour next to the mattress on the floor. a rope across this one-room life sagging with drying clothes, dignity. through thin walls, rustle of others in rooms next

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Cool Summer Nights

Denver Juvenile Hall 1974 The cabin is in Big Sur. Tucked in the woods. After a long day of hiking and a hot shower it’s so warm and cozy to sit around and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace. There’s no TV in the Big Sur cabins but who needs TV when you got a

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Florida By: Raveena Duggal I want a change of scenery, I want to be able to clear my mind, I want to feel unlimited happiness, I want to travel, I want to travel south, Where warm air shifts through the trees, Where birds are chirping, Where the sky shines a bright blue, I want to

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Getting fresh air

Getting Fresh Air By: Diya Duggal I would rather be somewhere else, Then sitting here by myself, Outside looks like a blast, I hope Covid won’t last, I can’t wait to see my family, They are nice, amazing and lovely We will go on a beautiful trip Probably using the Disney ship We’d love to

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Call For Submissions: Anywhere But Here

Call For Submissions: Uproar is looking for submissions related to the theme “Anywhere But Here.” You can interpret this theme as you choose, be it travel pieces, places you would like to go, a change of scenery, a different state of mind or situation. We are looking for high quality poetry, prose, spoken word, and

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