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Tag: Lynn Tait


Where Are You Now

In memory of Norma West Linder I have photos of us standing by painted moose in Toronto, standing next to Pierre Burton, beside other poets, in taverns and living rooms. I wonder where you are now, Spirit Island girl. Arranging letters in some heavenly Scrabble game? Sitting on a park bench under lemon trees humming

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Anthropic Principles

Anthropic Principles – the universe appears as it does because if it were different we would not be here to observe it – Random House Word Menu. I fail to see you, your sun dog’s counterglow blurs my horizon the chaos that is mine bends the light curvatures of time blue shifts into tears, orbiting

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The Cruellest Blade

The Cruellest Blade “might I cling to the blade of the hour as does the stick-brown bone and may I mark the milkweed’s state of mind” – Walking Bethany Hills Approaching Devil’s Elbow by John B. Lee Perhaps I should leave these walls, decorative box wrapped up in brick and window, well-worn faces fogging up

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