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The Cruellest Blade

The Cruellest Blade
“might I cling
to the blade of the hour
as does the stick-brown bone
and may I mark the milkweed’s state of mind” –
Walking Bethany Hills Approaching Devil’s Elbow by John B. Lee

Perhaps I should leave these walls,
decorative box wrapped up in brick
and window, well-worn faces
fogging up my glasses,
instead tend to pasture’s green.

But once out there
in Nature’s play-land
surrounded by silent heartbeats,
horsetail, reed, and grass,
to what blade
might I cling,

some sharp as glass, ice
or worse, the dreaded paper –
cuts that make the soul shudder,
or time, cutting into me, into us all.
Should I surrender
to the blade of the hour –

Nature’s never-needs-sharpening knife
that pares away the ages,
as does the stick-brown bone?

I am time’s meal worn down.
Maybe this is why the earth
feels more like home.
If I talk to myself,
may I hear the echo
as the rustling of blades against wind,
take note of bird call, converse with stones,
drink in the spirit of the monarch,
and may I mark the milkweed’s state of mind.

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