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On Conserving for Future Generations

On conserving for future generations

It all begins with a vision
A vision of what the future holds
Not only for you and me but for all

What is the vision?
It may look like greed,
A picture of a chase for material possessions,
A picture of competition to dominate,
A picture of me and not us!

However, it may look like a sunrise,
A picture of light, vegetation, nature and growth,
A picture of diversity and species survival,
A picture of selflessness and team.

What choice to make?
Well, it is something resident in each of us.
A picture of achievement and satisfaction
Only in our minds and self-contained.

Look around and decide your choice.
Do you see the future and how you fit within the big picture?
Do you see what comprises the whole,
Species not as “advanced” as you and your neighbours?

The answer lies in your mind,
Not to be confused with others or their visions.

Contemplate, think, explore and understand,
For it is up to you!

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