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Winter By: Raveena Duggal Winter, one of the most beautiful seasons, Snow covers the trees, Snow covers the grass, Snow covers everything in sight, Snow falls lightly from the sky, Kids are sticking out their tongues, Waiting for snowflakes to tickle their tongues, Then, the snowflakes melt into tiny dewdrops, As the snowfall continues, Snow

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The Feeling of Winter

The snow is falling down Every flake is on the ground The snow doesn’t make a sound Even when I roll around Snow is twinkling on my hand The snow lays across the land Drinking cocoa fresh and hot This much fun can not be bought Looking at the frozen lake Frosty air keeps me

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Young Authors

Welcome to the Young Authors pages of Uproar at the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts. We welcome original submissions from budding writers and poets aged 9 to 16.  Please understand that not every submission will be published, so send us your very best work and ensure that you follow the submission requirements in the section

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