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Departure Imminent

Within this husk
dwells a timeless essence.
Trapped within Einstein’s monstrosity,
bonded to his time/space milieu,
pulled toward an untimely end.

Trapped with eyes
that do not close.
Forced to watch intimate familiars
thrash against the force
of time’s relentless current,
pushing this form through
space’s infinitude.

Time is no friend,
stealing your youth.
Leaving behind
a lump of aching
muscle and bone.
Life’s verve spent
by the tide of time.
It can only flow.
It cannot ebb.

Look upstream!
At those who are
behind your journey.
Youth, busily trying
to build a lasting monument
that cannot last.
Impervious how far along
the torrent has carried them.

Departure imminent.
Releasing these bonds,
not by one’s hand but
Providence will choose.
Time will end.
Space will be no more.

A daunting vault.
A lonely leap.
Multitudes have taken,
many will follow.
There is no choice.
Time’s end will come.
It pushed you to this place.

Return to the twelfth dimension.
A place that has no space,
no time to hinder.
No somatic confinement
to deteriorate,
a place where all belong—Hallelujah!

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