Month: November 2020


Crossroads a cold morning in a cold room cigarette smoke blooms as i stir my instant coffee leafing through the tempest memorizing passages to regurgitate as required one last test before I leave driving to your london residence hoping you’ll be there the highways snowed and slushy farm fields silent under snowy shrouds black trees …

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True Gravity

Somewhere along the way we lost it That connection to our roots To a time when civilization and mother were in cahoots When plants were friends that healed us Our brothers and sisters thrived When Gaia made certain The circle would stay alive Somehow we forgot this Death and famine plague our earth This disease …

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day By: Raveena Duggal We will never forget the war, The condition our Country was in, The millions of people that died, The many sacrifices that were made, The World was in a terrible state, Families and children were horrified, Cities and towns were burning, People died or were kidnapped, The Canadian soldiers defended …

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