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A Chance of a lifetime

A Chance of a Lifetime

Every day, a new beginning,
a chance to get it right, to get
a new start, a new perspective.
Today may look the same
as yesterday, but trust me,
it’s not. Notice the small details.
Look! Here’s a new crocus
after the long harsh winter,
showing off its purple dress.
And there! Skies are blue
all the way to tomorrow
like a robin’s speckled egg.
Not one troubled cloud
is in the picture-perfect sky.
Leave your problems
where no one else can find them.
Get a new outlook on life.
I hear there is a two-for-one sale
on utter joy. Don’t miss out.
A new beginning only comes
but once a day. Here today,
here again tomorrow.
Supplies are unlimited.
Tell them I sent you.
You don’t want to be left out.

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