Day: December 23, 2020

Old Order

Old order is subject to decay, they say, and when fate summons, old statues fall freely. Heart-held loves, friends, hatreds, foes: all. Yes, all give way to mighty time’s sway. Bright, fearless, grand, green youthful years with each passing year grow thick wisdom layers, while marching on its way, time fills with fears the cup …

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Winter Writer

Fallen snow inspires a blank page Infectious germs excuse social solitude Shortened days awaken the dormant night owl Enduring darkness allures the secret soul-searcher Scant warmth sets the spirited pen in motion

Seed Futures

Seed Futures catalogues arrive fill my mailbox in December barely weeks since the garden ceased to produce I have just tucked it up for the winter, in drab browns and greys lidded compost bin, raked brittle leaves scoured pots and trays but inside there is colour if only on the page – bright gold blossoms …

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Your June

Your June Picture the year as a clock and it’s straight up 6. The world spreads before you like ketchup. Don’t shade your eyes, you miss a minute. You are thirsty—bee pollen is everywhere, so many flowers, so many flowering chances. No vagueness, just brilliance, each color, every contour— Awake! Anew! Alive!


Breakthrough It’s a long and desolate road. I think it’s always been so. Such a desolate road to travel before the brightness ahead, the light after desolation when the sun is freed from its winter shackles. Such a desolate road to travel waiting, hoping, searching for the brightness, the light after desolation when the sun …

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Panacea It’s snowing Over a Covid world. The snow is cleansing The air, weighing Each invisible culprit down. Each snowflake An antidote to fear. If only it could! Armies of microscopic Ice lattices, silencing Deadly viruses to the ground. Neutralizing their dangerous Spikes in layers of snowfall Where they could be titrated To innocuous, elemental …

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FLEETING GLIMPSE I know, you remember this smell. You remember this sound too. When you were alone, you felt something, you saw something, maybe you do not know exactly what, but you caught a fleeting glimpse. Correct? Just for a second, you saw that light out of the corner of your own eye, am I …


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