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Month: August 2020


New Beginnings

New Beginnings By: Raveena Duggal It starts off silent, there isn’t a person in sight. Then you hear a small creak, hope rises instead of despair. The sound of the earth awakening, the music of people’s voices surrounds you with open doors. New beginnings await! The economy is slowly rising, places are opening up. The

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In a Mist

In A Mist it is the day after and I phone wanting to say a new song has nudged into place though my children play off-key tunes in the other half of my house I phone with all my senses jazzed by the gift of touch that foggy cornet a symphony by Bix Beiderbecke your

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Words to Pandora

Words to Pandora Pandora, All-Gifted One, woman of clay, created to be the instrument of Zeus’ revenge, fashioned from the gods’ misogyny, robed by Athena for your mission on earth, I celebrate your worthy curiosity. Whether that closed container held the ills of the world which you released or good things that escaped, you did

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