Diverge No More

I haunt myself with fragments embodying wonders of roads not taken not able to witness where they could have led aside from tracings in my eye gone once focused on in the pale blue din of thoughts intersecting with cross-sections of self here yet not really anywhere of consequence. Who would I be without you? …

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Sideways Talk

Sideways Talk I watched the sunlight slowly depart the room. Magically sucked from the room through a closed window. Darkness. Another day marked off. I was neither happy nor sad; mostly bored. They told me not to worry; they will take good care of you; you won’t be there long. The door to my room …

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Daddy, oh

Daddy, oh (for Lawrence Ferlinghetti) If your father is messing-inaction you look round for replacement but that’s your secret even you don’t know. Dad: a beaten conundrum, flaking goldfish that forsook water in favour of booze. Son – not reflective moon – alters course, makes tracks in deep space or sea, learning to navigate, searching …

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Farm Workers’ Quarters

Farm Workers’ Quarters pre-dawn colours, crêpe sky. daybreak unfurls, edges out sleep. empty thermos, chai on the propane stove, jars of spices, crude shelves, a bucket of flour next to the mattress on the floor. a rope across this one-room life sagging with drying clothes, dignity. through thin walls, rustle of others in rooms next …

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Florida By: Raveena Duggal I want a change of scenery, I want to be able to clear my mind, I want to feel unlimited happiness, I want to travel, I want to travel south, Where warm air shifts through the trees, Where birds are chirping, Where the sky shines a bright blue, I want to …

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Anchors These January days are longer, sun higher, snow melts off the slope so drip, drip, drip down the spikes before cold nights turn them rigid and they fringe the roof – fingers pointing at inefficient heating, ventilation, ice dams, loosened shingles. But this afternoon they wax poetic – prisms of light along the eaves, …

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